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The Media Line: Palestinians Hold Little Hope That Israeli Elections Will Revive Peace Talks (VIDEO)

Palestinians Hold Little Hope That Israeli Elections Will Revive Peace Talks

The current centrist-led Israeli government with Arab participation brought few positive changes, Palestinians say. And in the upcoming fifth Israeli election in under four years, the far right expects to make unprecedented gains.

Mohammad Al-Kassim/The Media Line

Israel braces for yet another election on Nov. 1 – its fifth in less than four years. And as elections approach, the relationship with the Palestinians has rarely been tenser, with escalating violence in the West Bank front and center.

Huneida Ghanem, director of Madar Center for Israeli Studies, told The Media Line that the Palestinian Authority is keeping a close eye on the Israeli election.

“On the official level, there is a state of anxiety about the rise of the extreme right and the far right, which may lead in the direction of steps toward annexation and firing a bullet of mercy at the two-state solution.”

However, Ghanem admits that Palestinians don’t expect much to come out of the Israeli elections.

“The sense is that they feel they have tried multiple Israeli governments in several years, from the Netanyahu government to the center, and in the end, things did not differ much. On the contrary, in the last year under the centrist government, the opposition to [former Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu was the bloodiest,” says Ghanem.

With the continued escalation in the West Bank and a lack of movement on the political front between Palestinians and Israelis, political analyst Esmat Mansour says people have little hope that this next round of elections will produce any meaningful change.

“There is a real indifference to the Israeli election, first because it has been repeated five times in the past few years. And there is also a feeling that nothing will change, especially since we have seen what a so-called political-change government has done. We witnessed an escalation.”

Not everyone, though, thinks Palestinians are ambivalent about Israeli elections and who will win.

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